Call for Visiting Scholars Programme

The Center for Mediterranean Studies (CMS) hosts Visiting Scholars who seek a hospitable environment for research within the field of Mediterranean studies. The CMS offers a unique intellectual environment for its visitors, giving them the time, space and peer support it takes to conduct rigorous research.

In addition to the CMS, the faculties at Yaşar University offer Visiting Scholars a dynamic, engaged and inspiring environment in which to conduct their research. Participants are responsible for covering their own expenses for travel, accommodation, and any additional requirements (visa fees, health insurance cover, etc.). The CMS does not offer Visiting Scholars a stipend but does provide office space, as well as use of the library, internet and email.

The CMS aims at a continuous presence of Visiting Scholars to strengthen the exchange of ideas and contribute to achieve the CMS’s research objectives. The programme is open to academics and researchers employed in higher education institutions and/or research institutions who wish to spend some time at the CMS conducting original research. During their stay, Visiting Scholars are expected to fully participate in the activities of the CMS and to give one lecture on their current research.
Visiting Scholars are accepted by the CMS’s Governing Board and can be hosted for time periods ranging from one to twelve months.

A detailed Curriculum Vitae and cover letter stating research interests are required in order to examine any request. Prospective scholars interested in collaborative research at the CMS should contact Vice Director of the Center Dr. D. Arıkan Açar ( for further information.