Conference Invitation: 17-18 May 2019 “4.2 ka BP in Anatolia: The Crisis Years and Aftermath”

Yaşar University Center for Mediterranean Studies is organizing an International Conference on Bronze Age Archaelogy with the title “4.2 ka BP in Anatolia: The Crisis Years and Aftermath”. The event will be on 17-18 May 2019, at Y Building, Room 110, Yaşar University Selçuk Yaşar Campus. All interested are very welcome to attend.


Conference’s theme is the global climate change and succeeding drought period, which occured 4200 years ago. A Keynote talk will be held at 10 am by Prof. Harvey Weiss (Yale University) on the “Societal responses to global megadrought at 4.2 ka BP: eastern hemisphere examples of collapse, habitat-tracking, resilience“.


For further information, please see the conference programme.