Seminar 12 January 2016: Prof.Dr. Mehmet Arda “South-South Relations in Global Economy Governance”

Yaşar University Center for Mediterranean Studies will organize a seminar titled “South-South Relations in Global Economy Governance” on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.  The seminar will take place with attendance of Prof.Dr. Mehmet Arda from Galatasaray University at 14:00 in the meeting hall of New Building Y-615. The seminar language is Turkish and it is open to all interested participants.



Prof. Dr. Mehmet Arda’s Short Biography:

Prof. Arda took part in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for a significant part of his career. Before returning to Turkey in 2007, he worked for 25 years as the Director of the Commodity Department at the UNCTAD headquarters in Geneva. During this period and afterwards, he worked as a consultant to the United Nations, as well as the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Development Coordination Agency. Prof. Arda completed his education with a BA from Dartmouth College and  PhD degree from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to his researches on agriculture, natural resources, their trade and contribution to development, his current researches are the governance of hyperglobalization; development in a globalized environment; multilateral and regional trade agreements; Least Developed Countries; South-South economic relations and the political economy of emerging powers; international value chains; focuses on the management of natural resources. Prof. Mehmet Arda still works as a professor at Galatasaray University and teaches international relations and economics. In addition to these activities, he participates in various activities at EDAM (Economy and Foreign Policy Research Center), Global Relations Forum (GRF) and Galatasaray University Economic Research Center (GIAM), and non-governmental organization that provides assistance to the LDCs in development. He takes part in the activities of the “Sen De Gel” association.